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Pinned topic Any Utility for Opening and Closing SFS Files in TXSeries from Batch.

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Hello friends,

I am presently engaged in a IBM Mainframe to AIX migration project. We have CICS TXSeries for AIX as a replacement for CICS Transaction Server. We have couple of HLASM program (invoked in TSO by JCL) that are closing and opening Vsam files in CICS region before starting jobs and after finishing jobs respectively. There also exist a few HLASM programs that are, by means of CEMT command, enabling and diabling CICS transaction in the CICS region and these HLASM programs are batch programs and run in the TSO enviornment. I would be most obliged to learn from you if there are any utilities in AIX and CICS TXSeries for AIX that can, by being invoked in shell scripts or by any other means, open and close SFS files in TXSeries Server and enable disable transaction in TXSeries region. The File Operations and Transaction enabling and disbling must be done in AIX (Outside TXSeries)

Could you please help in this regard?

Thanks & Regards,
Sabyasachi Mitra
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    Re: Any Utility for Opening and Closing SFS Files in TXSeries from Batch.

    TXSeries provides command line tools to access files in the SFS server. cicssdt, sfsadmin etc. You could use one of these.
    You can write your own programs which can access the files in the SFS server, from either an online application or from a batch application.

    You can find details of how to use the command line tools in the TXSeries documentation.

    You can find some more details of using TXSeries at the IBM Education Assistant web site

    There are presentations on administration, programming and other topics, which you might find useful.