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Pinned topic STM 4.5 not starting on Vista 64

‏2009-07-23T08:24:35Z |

I want to use STM 4.5 on Vista Ultimate 64.
I installed nutcracker, stmlockman, XWindow and STM. All as admin rights and I think everything is installed correctly.
When I call run_stmm.bat I get following error
"Xlib: warning, client is protocol rev 0, server is rev 26994!"
I don't understand this error but according to a google-result this means that the X-Server stops working. I already tried a different X-server and I still get this error message.
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    Re: STM 4.5 not starting on Vista 64

    STM is not supported to run on Vista.
    You can run STM only on WinXP and Solaris. See the STM release notes.