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‏2009-07-21T12:24:59Z |
Hi ...

My ambiente is one hmc - and vio server and red hat 5.2
I have a logical partition with red hat 5.2

I update time with comand date, and when a reboot this partition the time is lost.

ex: now is 10:00 i fix the time for 10:00
when i reboot the partition the time is :15:00
any ideia
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    Re: Update Time Red hat

    Hi...The date command just sets the system time. There is typically another command called 'hwclock' that allows setting the hardware clock so that the
    time is preserved across a reboot.

    Try setting the hardware clock with 'hwclock' directly or if it was already set with the date command, then use 'hwclock --systohc' option to
    set the hardware clock to the current system time.

    It may be possible to achieve the same result by using the the "Time of Day" options on the ASM (Advanced System Management) menus.

    Good Luck