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‏2009-07-17T21:15:45Z |
I need to describe a system hierarchically, starting with a high level picture, and then providing a deeper insight at each lower level.
I am using the Modeler and I cannot find a way to make hierchical object model diagrams. Once I make an object model diagram, if I right-click on that diagram, there is no option to add a new OMD. Instead, I can only add sequence, state, structure or activity.
I would think that this would be a pretty common modeling requirement. Would be interesting to know how others have solved this problem.
Thank you.
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    Re: Hierarchical Object Model Diagrams

    A structure diagram can be used to add further decompostion of a class or object. A parts can be created within the structure diagram to indicate the objects that are owned by a class.

    You can use also hyperlinks to create navigations between various elements within the model. From the browser right click on an element then do Add New->Relations->Hyperlink. Here you can then create navigations to various model elements or diagrams.

    Also, as a note each element within Modeler has a Main Diagram. This can be located under the General tab of the features of each modeling element. Then if you right click on the element in a diagram you can choose Navigate->Open Main Diagram. The Main diagram is useful to bring up the key diagram for the element. It can be any type of diagram, OMD, structure, statechart, sequence diagram, etc.