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We have a customer client that our users use to change their password. In our code we just validate that the password inputted is not null and not spaces. Then we call the setPassword in the Request Context getExecutionService().setPassword() method. I have followed the code all the way back to the FMCService and FmcSyntaxChecker.

The issue is when I test changing the password in our development and test environments with the password having either the @ and/or # in it, it fails because these symbols are not java identifiers. This is how is should work. But when I change the password in our production environment, it doesn't work. It allows the users to have either the @ and/or # in their password.

I have researched everything I can think of from looking at the code in all jar files, looking at the server configurations, etc. and have not figured out why it is working this way.

The only thing I can think of doing next is some how turning on tracing so I can see if the code in FmcSyntaxChecker is being utilized in all environments.

How do I turn tracing on so I can see if the code is being processed?
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    Not sure how this might apply, but @ and # are treated specially on mainframes along with $ they are considered alpha characters. Are we talking about different platforms in what you are testing?


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