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‏2009-07-10T21:29:34Z |
I am configuring a Data Power machine to poll an FTP server, gather data from JD Edwards World and E1 via web services, and then try and transform specific fields from those two into one combined text output. My problem has to do with the final XSL Transformation of combining the data. I can get it to work just fine if I only want the information from one server. Currently when I'm getting information from both servers, I have the output for the E1 server named as E1_Response and World_Response for JDE World. I'm testing by feeding it an XML file with 3 address book numbers in them. This causes DataPower to create the following variables in var://service/multistep/contexts:




The XSLT is going through and getting the results from each of those variables. However, since they are not in order, the resulting text file has the data in an order that I cannot get it. So, I need to either sort those variable names in DataPower or in my XSL sheet. I would appreciate any help on this. I've attached one test documents that contains both of my XSL files. The file called "consolidateDataE1&World2.xsl" returns the correct data, just in the wrong order. The file called "consolidateDataE1&World3.xsl" isn't returning anything right now, however I feel that I may be closer to the sorting being correct in that file.

Also, I tried installing the DataPower plugin for XMLSpy so that I can debug this. However, I keep getting an error on tags in the datapower namespace "". Specifically with the variable tag. This part is working when the XSL file is sent through DataPower, so I'm not sure why it's not working with XMLSpy.

Thanks in advance to anyone who may be able to help me with this issue.