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‏2009-07-09T09:21:35Z |
Hi all,

I am testing the XML publishing feature of ids 11.5, i have created a table with a CLOB column to store the XML message, 1 of the record was inserted as follow:
INSERT INTO epr_xml_publishing_clob VALUES('200001',FILETOCLOB('c:\clob.xml', 'client'),CURRENT);

where the content of clob.xml is :
<address1>123 First Street</address1>

When i try to use the sql statement to retrieve the xml content, "SQL Error (-8355): extractvalueclob" prompt out from the server studio. Please kindly advise on this.

SELECT extractvalueclob(msg_content,'/employee/phone') FROM epr_xml_publishing_clob
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    Re: Question about extractclob function

    Sorry for my careless mistake, i found that the reason is due to the <state/>CO</state>, as i just copy the sample xml form the follow link. The problem solved.