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Good Day

Please advise............

A KRED tolerance list is maintained in a table T043T on SAP. If a user
has been added to this table it allows the user to give discount in
excess of 3.5%. The fact that a creditor's clerk has been added to this
table is not seen as a risk, but when users that are on this table also
have access to debtors' manual incoming payments it creates the
opportunity to grant up to 30% settlement discount to customers.

A need exist in the business that the same person has authorisation to
perform the debtors function as well as the creditors function.

I have maintained the tolerance group for customers and created a
tolerance for permitted payment differences T-Code OBA4. I am under the impression that SAP standard suggests that when you have a tolerance for customers, the customer tolerance comes into play first even though the
employee who is performing the incoming payment has been maintained on
the KRED tolerance group. And the lesser tolerance will stop the
customer that has been linked to the tolerance group to the customer master data.

Is it possible to have a tolerance table that points to debtors and
creditors separately so that when you on the KRED tolerance table you
cannot give a 30% if you are doing a debtors incoming payment and the
debtors payment terms only indicates a 2.5% settlement discount.

I therefore need a workable solution to allow users to be able to be
assigned to more than tolerance group so that creditors and debtors can
allow 30% and 3.5% respectively. And so that the debtors cannot give
more discount than they suppose to.

Thanking you in advance
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    Re: Tolerance Group for employees

    This forum is for questions around using Portlet Factory to access SAP. I don'think you'll get a response from anyone that reads this forum regularly. I'm not sure IBM has a forum for such a detailed SAP question.