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Pinned topic Linux ODBC driver for iSeries - v5r4

‏2009-07-02T14:15:18Z |
Hi everybody,

We (my company and I) were using PHP on Win 2003 server with Apache 2.
Our applications are PDO based, using PDO odbc.

We are now moving to RedHat solutions, and we have just started a new application on a new RHEL 5 server.

We are discovering "annoying" things such as the following :

in PDO Exception, the SQL message relayed by ODBC is very poor, for it only gives the SQL error Code.

Let's see an example, SQL code 407 : data can't be null in field or variable abc

cf. sql407 example.txt (attached below)

With Win iSeries odbc driver, we can obviously see that field CDTPCTC has not been filed by the user, and we can give this message to this user.
With Linux iSeries odbc driver, the only thing we can give to the user is 'something is missing somewhere'.

Does anybody know if it is possible to enhance the quality of linux iSeries ODBC driver messages, and how ?

Thanks for your help