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Pinned topic Blocking partition data sequencing question

‏2009-06-30T20:18:54Z |

We are using QualityStage 7.5 on the mainframe environment and have a question about the block partition of data and the sequence of data within a block partition.

Is it possible to force the records within a blocking partition to be in the same order for every execution of the matching process?

For example, if there are three records within a blocking partition and the blocking fields are Gender and Surname, is it possible to use a secondary field as the 'group by' field within the block partition?

Record# Gender Surname ID field (secondary field)
1 Male Morgan 12345
2 Male Morgan 23456
3 Male Morgan 99999
4 Female Morgan ABCED

This would result in consistent results from a testing standpoint. We were originally instructed this was not possible.