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Pinned topic Guide: How to download hulu videos

‏2009-06-30T15:24:09Z |
RipTiger is an awesome program that allows you to download videos from But not

only download, it helps me to convert videos so I can share it with my friends. RipTiger

can copy all your downloaded videos to iPod and any other portable player!

How I use it:

1. Install and launch RipTiger (better Ultimate edition, because it can convert downloaded video).

2. Open in Internet Explorer and RipTiger automatically starts downloading.

3. When downloading is finished, Riptiger Ultimate starts conversion to MPEG4 (to copy videos to my iPod).

4. When clicking to iPod icon videos are copied to iPod

Riptiger capture, download and convert popular web video formats, not only hulu.

I guess RipTiger is the world's #1 web video downloader.

More information here: