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Pinned topic Troubled IBM Employee?

‏2009-06-19T18:38:16Z |
on my flight from chicago to boston last evening i had a run-in with a black male w/ a english accident. the gentleman (i use the term generously) refused to turn off his cell phone after instructed to do so by the cabin crew. he continued to text and make calls, all the while hiding the phone when the stewardesses passed in the aisle. i requested that he turn off his phone at which time he insulted me, and continued to insult me for about five minutes, until such time as i changed seats. for those familiar with the terminology, and this might give a clue to his homeland, he referred to me as a plonker/donkey, etc.. i noticed he was working on a IBM domino presentation. he was copying information from an NEC document into an IBM presentation format. if he does work for IBM, he should pay attention to how his behaviour effects his company's brand. my company or i will never purchase from IBM moving forward.