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I make a REST call in my widget and I want to transmit an authentification of the user, so i want to send the username an password of the user, which logged in in the mashup center. Is there any way to realize that?

I only found a method to get the username, but this can't be the right way, in my opinion.

Thank you for help...
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    Re: Transmit Credentials

    ‏2009-06-17T14:06:00Z  in response to maka
    What does the REST service you're calling require? Is it hosted locally on another WebSphere Server that can be configured for SSO with your mashup server? If so, then you may be able to pass on the LTPAToken cookie that WAS uses to track authentication, to the WAS server hosting the REST service. The REST Service Call Builder has inputs to allow you to pass cookies along like that.

    There is no j2ee API to get the password of the logged in user, just the username.