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Pinned topic Migration from Microsoft ADS to TIM & TAM

‏2009-06-15T12:47:13Z |
We have to migrate the data from Microsoft ADS to TIM &TAM.
The place where we got struck is the passwords. The paswords are stored in ADS using SHA-1 (as microsft claimed it to be one-way hash). we are unable to figure out the way to get this data migrated to the DB2 (TIm - backend database).
Can we migrate the passwords held in the ADS to DB2 without impacting the users? Is there any script that IBM provides or is there any mechanism that I can use.
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    Re: Migration from Microsoft ADS to TIM & TAM

    You would need some Tivoli expertise for this. I'd suggest asking in the Tivoli Security Management forum.

    Ian Shields