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Pinned topic Permanent_rl0 backup using EBR

‏2009-06-11T05:35:09Z |
We are planning to take backup of perm recovery log couple of times in a day apart from regular full backup.
Does anyone taking backup of Permanent_rl0 when system is up and users are using it? Can EBR backup (partition option) be used for this backup without impact users?
Thanks in advance.
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    Re: Permanent_rl0 backup using EBR


    Its not normally the process to backup permanent_rl0; if you have a need to have database backups more frequently than once per day you should consider either:

    1. Online EBR backups - see EBR manual

    2. Replicate the storage area where the perm_db & perm_rl0 resides at a block level using for example SAN replication - this will depend where your MKF databases reside.

    3. Where ever you are writing the documents out to e.g MSAR/OSAR/CSAR etc will also need to be replicated.