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‏2009-06-11T04:00:41Z |
Server DataBase:DB2_8.2
Mirro DataBase:DB2_9.1
DB2 Everyplace version : 9.1

There is a field in table called 'VALUE', varchar(20).
When insert 10 chinese characters(double-byte character) in this field. The Sync process will occured DSYC0698E error which means internal error on PDA screen.
Then I found insert more than 5 chinese characters could make the situation.
But 10 or 20 Englsh characters was OK.

Is there some limitation for chinese characters?
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    Re: DSYC0698E

    Hi Wongd,

    I had the same error inserting special characters, I fixed it increasing the field's length in the source table.

    For example from VALUE VARCHAR(20) I modified to VALUE VARCHAR(40) and sync again.

    I think that in PDAs special characters covers more than 1 position in varchar fields.