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Pinned topic Filed Getting Truncated Orcl DB link to Iseries Using ODBC

‏2009-06-09T15:09:33Z |
Hi :
I installed the ODBC driver manager and IBM Iseries Drivers on RED HAT LINUX X86_64 AMD Processor.
All the connections etc tested succesfull and i created the db link from oracle to isereis.
When i do create table as select * from table_iseries@dblink one of the number field is getting truncated.
For eg The actual data on the ISeries is 20090528 but on oracle it only does 90528.Also this is for random rows.
Some of the columns do get loaded good.
20090528 20090528 2
20090528 20090528 4
20090528 20090528 2
90528 90528 0
90528 90528 0
90528 90528 0
Contents of odbcinst.ini
iSeries Access ODBC Driver 64-bit
Description = iSeries Access for Linux 64-bit ODBC Driver
Driver = /opt/ibm/iSeriesAccess/lib64/
Setup = /opt/ibm/iSeriesAccess/lib64/
Threading = 2
DontDLClose = 1
UsageCount = 1
Please help if this is something thats related to the driver. Already created ticket with oracle but not going anywhere.