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Pinned topic Turning off automatic logging through the FileNet api?

‏2009-06-07T15:37:47Z |
I am having difficulty figuring out how to turn off automatic logging from the FileNet API. I have an application which builds flat files from a temporary view created in MS SQL Server 2005. These flat files are read 50 lines at a time and documents are ingested into FileNet based off of what is stored in the flat files.

This is all done through compact edition, as far as the data reading goes. The images are sent through a middleware service, and that's where I am running into the problem. FileNet seems to create a log entry on its own for every single document which is ingested via the flat files. I have tried introducing logging levels to the middleware service but nothing seems to be preventing these log entries from automatically appearing in the middleware logs.

Has anyone encountered this issue before?