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Pinned topic WPS JDBC Adapter - Changing database structure

‏2009-06-06T18:56:08Z |
I am using the JDBC Adapter to create/delete rows in mediation. I had it all working successfully, but I'm wondering what happens when the database structure changes. For example, if a new column is added or if a primary key changes, do I have to regenerate the outbound adapter or are their files that I can change to reflect the changes in the database structure.

I am in development mode right now, so the table is going through frequent changes and I haven't found any other way to work around this other than to regenerate it...which then requires me to redo my maps, etc. so I'm hoping there is an easier way. I've looked in the JDBC adapter manual, but I don't see anything that explains how to handle changes to the underlying tables the adapter is accessing.