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Pinned topic FileNet Error <30,0,134>

‏2009-05-27T08:34:42Z |
I am getting the following error message. If any one can give me the solution.

MSAR surface 3020 file 'F:\msar\003020.dat' has been ejected from library A.
It is out-of-sync with the database. Error <30,0,134>
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    Re: FileNet Error &lt;30,0,134&gt;

    I have seen this error before; you should open a support call with your local FileNet response centre e.g Costa Mesa, dublin etc.

    there are instances when this can be fixed, but on the system I worked on a few years ago we have to recover from a copy of their documents which were on optical disks.

    You should consider a recovery from a good known backup e.g optical tranlog or maybe MSAR tranlog.