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Pinned topic CIM eServer-metrics and z/OS

‏2009-05-25T15:46:19Z |

I'm not sure if this is the correct Forum for this question, but here it goes.

The z/OS 1.9.0 RMF Programmer's Guide tells you about the various metrics that RMF's CIM-support can give you. For some it says: "This metric is an eServer metric and currently not implemented for z/OS". I find this confusing. If it isn't implemented for z/OS, then [1] what is it doing in an z/OS RMF Guide and [2] why does it say in the same Guide "eServer OS monitoring for z/OS is only available if RMF is running and the RMF DDS is started". This remark seems to suggest that it IS possible to get these metrics for z/OS on an eServer.

Perhaps I should also ask: why are these metrics eServer-only and which Operating System should such an eServer be running to get me these metrics?

Willem Vermeer
ING, the Netherlands