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Pinned topic Support Pac WA05 Java UPES for MQWF is utilizing 80-90% CPU

‏2009-05-20T15:05:06Z |
Hi All,

We are using the Java UPES support pac for MQWF (WA05).
This is a framework which needs to be deployed onto the WAS and can be customised as needed.

We have deployed this code onto our WAS server and is running on a WAS server instance which is dedicated only for this app.
We are facing a issue with this though.
This application works perfectly fine in our production environment.
However, when we move to our DR environment the server instance on which this app is deployed starts utilising 80-90% CPU.
I cannot understand why this is happening.

Our product and the application is installed on the SAN which gets moved across when we switch to DR servers.
Which means that most of the settings on the WAS and the app are exactly the same.
The server specs in terms of CPU and memory is also the same.

I know that most of your reactions would be that there is some issue with the DR servers itself.

I would like to know how can i trace what is giving an issue.
I have gone through the WAS servers instance level logs, but no luck.
Is there a way I can trace the app log ??

We are running WASv5.1, MQWF v3.6 CSD3 on Solaris 9.

Any hints would be appreciated.

Pats ...