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Pinned topic Updating SLM with new named entities

‏2009-05-19T13:24:53Z |
I'm trying to update an SLM for Free Form Commands (version with a new grammar for one of the categories of named entities. I'm using the following grammar tag in the VoiceXML:

<grammar src="nlp-models/WORD.pkg#root&amp;IBMWVS&amp;Rule=KEYWORD&amp;Parent="
As I interpret the documentation, this means that "WORD.pkg" should be the new grammar that will replace the "KEYWORD" rule in the SLM package "SLMData.pkg".
However, whenever I try to use this, I get the following error (this is from the SystemOut.log)

"http://sid=0.IBM. ASR recognize request failed: Parent parameter: Parent= on recognize request does not conatain a valid grammar reference"

I think this is coming from the MRCP server. One guess is that the MRCP server can't find the SLMData. What should I do to make the application update the SLM?