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Pinned topic PowerVM Lx86 version 1.3.1 now available

‏2009-05-15T17:58:58Z |
The release adds the following improvements to PowerVM Lx86:
  • Support for SLES 11 and RHEL 5.3.
  • SE Linux support for RHEL 5.3.
  • Ability to restrict the virtual memory usage of Lx86.
  • System i servers now supported.
  • Additional bug fixes.

The release removes the following features from PowerVM Lx86:
  • Support for SLES 9 SP3 and SP4. Customers wanting to use SLES 9 will need to use PowerVM Lx86 version 1.3 or earlier.
For more information and to download the software, follow these links:


PowerVM Lx86 website:

If you have problems downloading or installing the release, please post a message to this forum.