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Pinned topic ReqPro 2003.06.x to 7.1.0 Upgrade Issues

‏2009-05-12T22:45:58Z |
What are the issues that anyone has encountered in upgrading, especially existing project templates, document outlines, and SoDA report templates?


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    Re: ReqPro 2003.06.x to 7.1.0 Upgrade Issues

    Hi Mark,
    You should be able to use existing templates, outlines and SoDA templates. I had no trouble upgrading.

    Couple things to note.

    ReqPro 7.1 has a new schema so the database needs to be upgraded. Once the DB is upgraded, users that still have older clients will not be able to open the project.

    SoDA will need to be upgraded to version 7.0.2.