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Pinned topic Introducing virtual sandbox IMS (hands-on) demos through EM4Z

‏2009-05-07T17:26:23Z |
The IBM® Enterprise Modernization Sandboxes let you experience and evaluate the IBM Enterprise Modernization solutions for the System z™ and IBM i platforms through hands-on participation, guided walk-thru and usage of live, running System z and IBM i development scenarios and solutions. These are not simulations or canned presentations. You actually log in to a live IBM System z or IBM i mainframe, and follow scripts that allow you to experience first-hand what the IBM Enterprise Modernizations solutions can do for you.

Available IMS demos:
  • Generating an IMS feed using IMS Web 2.0 Solution for InfoSphere MashupHub
  • Creating a J2C application for an IMS MFS-based transaction using IMS MFS SOA Support
  • Creating a J2C application for an IMS Phonebook transaction using IMS TM Resource Adapter
  • Enabling an IMS application as a Web service running in IMS SOAP Gateway

Give it a try! Always wanted to try out Rational Developer for System z or IBM Mashup Center before purchase? Now you can!

Try it out here: EM4Z Link
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    Re: Introducing virtual sandbox IMS (hands-on) demos through EM4Z

    ‏2010-06-28T11:58:53Z  in response to dtu
    This is really great! I am learning IMS application development using java and this SandBox was of a great help to me. I applied this tutorial successfully in SandBox,

    I still have one issue, after finishing the tutorial, now I am trying to create sample test tables/data in IMSD datasource in the available IMS database in SandBox, but I have no clue how to do that! Is there any tool like MySQL Query Browser, or SQL Server Management Studio for IMS database in SandBox that would help me to see how IMS Database look like and add/edit test data, or add new tables? If not, is there other SandBox for IMS Database that provide such experience ?

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      Re: Introducing virtual sandbox IMS (hands-on) demos through EM4Z

      ‏2010-06-29T05:54:18Z  in response to ahmad.samir
      Hi Ahmad,

      I am glad that you found the sandbox system helpful.

      As to your second comment: creating sample test tables/data in IMS DB through graphical tooling similar to MySQL Query Browser/SQL Server Management Studio. Defining a database to IMS is slightly more involved than relational databases, involving coding and generating a DBD (database description) first, followed by other steps. A good starting point to learn more about it is in the IMS Information Center: However, from your comment I gather that you are looking for a graphical tooling that gives you a similar user experience as other relational database tools. This is very interesting and I'd like to discuss further with you on this requirement.

      If you don't mind, can you send me an e-mail with a brief self-description, company that you work for, why interest in IMS application development using Java, and more details on the tooling that you are looking for? My e-mail is

      Again, thanks for the great feedback on the EM4Z sandbox.