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‏2009-05-04T02:57:55Z |
I want to implement a nbody simulation using Cell architecture, but I have trouble storing the large body position array in SPUs local storage which is not enough for 100k bodies. I try to partition the array into equal sizes to distribute positions and also forces to SPEs.Then I've used DMA transfers to fetch these values. However in that case, I come across the problem of force calculation restricted to the partitioned size. In the original formula of the gravitional force calculation, it takes into account all of the bodies positions found in the system. So when I declare an array like
float array100000;
in the SPE src code, is it allocated in the LS or main memory ? Any help is appreciated.
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    Re: SPU Local storage

    If you declare a variable on the SPE, it will use the SPE's Local Store memory.
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    Re: SPU Local storage

    have you been able to complete the program?