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Pinned topic IDOC load stage troubles

‏2009-04-28T21:33:07Z |
I am trying to test out the Idoc load stage and have defined all the necessary setups in SAP side

The job completes but I have no idea where the IDOC is going. I checked the unix directories defined in the abap stage but no files are getting created.

I also look into the SAP side and NO incoming docs are there from the logical system defined as datastage.

The job completes with a success and a few warnings which I do not believe are significant as they are most to reading the data file. there are also no rejects

Here is how my design is

DATA FILE ----------------->\
------>IDOCLOAD stage
IDOC Header file data ----->/
How do I trouble shoot to figure out what is missing

THE IDOC IS DEBMAS06 to add customer master data