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Pinned topic Is that possible to classify an @ token?

‏2009-04-28T08:03:26Z |

I try to standardize data for material masters.

It's like:

STEEL TUBE 6.0X96.2 20HG1S12G STANDARD-1234/94

and so on.

The 20HG1S12G is steel alloy. There are many different alloys (about 100).

I tried to put it in the classification table like:
; V - steel alloy type
20HG1S12G 20HG1S12G V

But it doesn't work - after i hit "test" button in "Rules Management" window i've got a error message:
"Standardize process failed. The key of an entry in the classification table does not begin with an alphabetic character..."

So the question is - is it possible to classify @ tokens like this?
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    Re: Is that possible to classify an @ token?

    Try to put your alloy types into lookup table and use "CONVERT <operand> <table> TKN <token>"