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Pinned topic Tons of 'Confusing ddts mail from …' after site ID change

‏2009-04-27T20:45:27Z |
Since ID change of our DDTS server, I receive (as DDTS administrator) tons of ‘Confusing ddts mail from …’ emails, apparently each time a ticket, that has a 'Submitter-path' field with the old site name, is modified.

Updating by hand the 'Submitter-path' field with the new site ID fixes the problem but I don’t figure I have to replace the old site ID by the new one in all active tickets.

Has anyone suffered from such a problem after a site ID change? What is the solution?

I’ve found out by chance in the DDTS documentation the 'Old-Machids' option (to put in ~ddts/etc/ddtsrc) that allows to provide a DDTS server with its old names, but unfortunately this option has no effect in this case.

Thanks for your help.