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‏2009-04-22T14:37:27Z |
When I compare two objects in VCE, the order they appear in the compare results (which one is object1 vs object2) seems to be determined by their position as providers in the Configuration view of the workspace. But when I run the compare using the Ant task, the choice seems unpredictable.

For a single compare in isolation, it makes no difference. But when dozens of reports are generated from the compares, swapping which cell is assigned to object1 and object2 becomes confusing. Here is a typical task as I use it.

<!-- Report 3 --> < workspace=
"${}" exportFile=
"${export.loc}/devBdevC.xml" filterSet=
"devABCD"> <vce.objset type=
"WebSphere.Provider" include=
"false"> <vce.objset type=
"WebSphere.Cell" namePattern=
"DEV-B-Cell"/> <vce.objset type=
"WebSphere.Cell" namePattern=
"DEV-C-Cell"/> </vce.objset> </>

In this case, Dev C is assigned to object1 and Dev B to object2. If this was consistent, I'd just reverse the order in my Ant script. Sometimes it uses the order in the Ant script, sometimes the order in the workspace, sometimes neither one. I'd like to find a way to make this consistent.