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Pinned topic Export of Content Store from Production environment to Backup Environment

‏2009-04-21T16:05:58Z |
We are having a production version of COgnos 1.1 MR2 running on box- AB-1. We have the App server on that box, and the corresponding Content Store is located in a Database box DB-1.

We also have a backup box AB-2 and corresponding Content Store database in the second db, DB-2.

Currently, the way we do backup is manual - I run the Export of Entire COntent store on AB-1, then grab the zip file from deloyment folder in AB-1, and copying it over to same folder in AB-2. And importing this file in Backup box, so as to bring backup box in sync with production.

With growth of data and number of users, this export entire content store process has slowed down tremendously, and the files getting generated are too huge. In case we have an outage, we should be able to bring up- the backup box as quickly as possible.

What are the suggested ways to do this sync ? Can we copy the content store datadump file from DB-1 to DB-2, and start up Backup cognos in AB-2, pointing to DB-2 ? Its logically should work, but can you confirm ? What other steps do we need to do in case we take this route ?

I would like to have your recommendation to help us out.