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Pinned topic Autosys client communication

‏2009-04-15T21:03:10Z |
Hi Folks,

Im working on autosys CA product support on Lx86.

Autosys server is in Solaris but customer need to work with clients on Lx86 - SLES10.

Autosys server has a component called "Event processor" that communicates with the client using the internet daemon, these are the entries in /etc/inetd.conf

auto_remote stream tcp nowait root /opt/CA/UnicenterAutoSysJM/autosys/bin/auto_remote auto_remote

and this is the service in /etc/services

auto_remote 5280/tcp

My question is, how Autosys server could know that will talk with the x86 world instead of power pc?
it is enough to have the Autosys service enabled in x86 world?
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  • lple2003
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    Re: Autosys client communication

    ‏2009-04-17T17:04:51Z  in response to moy6
    Hi, we don't have Autosys at our shop (and won't have funding for a license anytime soon) so we don't know exactly the configuration details. however:

    If the "Event processor" is using port 5280, and the client (i386 version, installed on the Lx86 world) is making requests through port 5280 then Autosys knows it's talking with a Lx86 client, and the client will contain/provide information of the Lx86 environment (it can be tricky if the info is keying on ipaddress & hostname, because the PPC & Lx86 environments have same for those).
    • moy6
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      Re: Autosys client communication

      ‏2009-04-17T17:13:51Z  in response to lple2003
      Thank you for your response.

      Will continue testing on Autosys.

      +Moises Romo
      +IBM ISV Enablement team