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Hi All
I have just heard of the forum and hope to be able to join the good work in here.

I have some questions regarding how to change the company structure in Cognos Controller - we are using ver. - I am afraid this is a very old version :-(

1) Is it possible to change the company code of a company that has been used, this means move all data from one company code to another (or just "rename" the company number of a company)?
2) How can we change from one currency to another in a company code containing data from earlier periods? We had this problem when Slovakia changed from SKK to EUR and were unable to find a smooth solution. Therefore we created a new company code in EUR, whereas the old company was in SKK.

Hopefully someone has good solutions to the above. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards
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    Re: Company structure - changes in currency and numbers

    Hi Anne.

    1) Yes it is possible to change company codes. Go to maintain/company structure/change table define/run. This is very powerful functionality so be very careful. You simply select the company(s) you wish to change in the left hand box and the new code in the right hand box. Save and then run (play button below). You will need to be in single mode to run. This effectively does a find and replace in the database so your forms and reports should also be updated. Excel link is a manua process I am afraid but you can use Excel's find and replace.

    2) This one comes up quite a bit. Data is stored by currency code (e.g. SEK, EUR etc) so you can change the companies LC in the companies define window but there will be potential issues with history: you need to think about opening balances, opening balances on journals + reports that may refer to LC rather than the currency code.

    I generally advise customers to create a new entity with the new currency. Perhaps create a mini sub group with the new and old group attached so you can access history in the new currency. To do that the group would have the new currency as LC and you would have to go bakc and re-consolidate history but this should not change your previously consolidated numbers.