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‏2009-04-12T03:24:31Z |
Actually one of our server hdisk0 has been removed without done any command via aix,(like reducevg,rmdev....)this PV is part of rootvg,the rootvg has two hdisk(hdisk0,hdisk1)hdisk1 has BLV.
1.hdisk0 has been removed by mistake
2.even the disk removed physically the "lsdev -Cc disk" command showing the hdisk0 is available state we removed the this entire by "rmdev -l hdisk0 -d" command.
hdisk0 removed
rmdev 0514-508 cannot save the base customized information on /dev/ip/device

2.hdisk0 again inserted back to the same position

3.then we excut the "cfgmgr"
method error(/usr/lib/method/cfgfscsi -l fscsi0)
0514-061 cannot find a child device
cfgmgr:0514-609 unable to save the base customized information on /dev/ip/device

4.then the hdisk0 automatically assign to rootvg.?
now the qust is
how to bring to old setting of hdisk0 now?pls help me

thx in adv
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  • cd3lgado
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    Re: hdisk0 removed

    ‏2009-04-12T14:01:28Z  in response to aixbird

    Not easy one. You need to delete all reference to that hdisk0 in the ODM of your AIX system. To do that you need to use commands like odmget and odmdelete to make a copy of your current ODM config and then delete those entries tagged with "hdisk0". Once ODM is clean you can try rebuilding the ipldevice by running:

    bosboot -ad /dev/ipldevice

    /dev/ipldevice is a link to the disk you want to use for boot, or the disk that has a correct boot partition, by default hd5.
    1. How to find disk drive in ODM customized database:

    odmget -q name=hdisk# CuAt Where CuAt = Customized Attribute
    odmget -q value=hdisk# CuAt odmget -q name=hdisk# CuDv where CuDv = Customized Device
    odmget -q value3=hdisk# CuDvDr where CuDvDr = Customized Device Driver odmget -q name=hdisk# CuDep where CuDep = Customized Dependency
    odmget -q name=hdisk# CuVPD where CuVPD = Customized Vital Product Database

    2. How to remove disk drive entries from ODM customized database:

    odmdelete -q name=hdisk# -o CuAt
    odmdelete -q value=hdisk# -o CuAt
    odmdelete -q name=hdisk# -o CuDv odmdelete -q value3=hdisk# -o CuDvDr odmdelete -q name=hdisk# -o CuDep odmdelete -q name=hdisk# -o CuVPD
    Hope this helps
    • Casey_B
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      Re: hdisk0 removed

      ‏2009-04-13T03:08:35Z  in response to cd3lgado

      I would be very careful in proceeding. The messages about failing to write to ipldevice seem to indicate that
      the volume group still thinks hdisk0 is part of the VG.

      I would also guess that lsvg rootvg would show a stale pv,
      and lsvg -l rootvg would show that you have a bunch of
      mirrored lv's that are stale.

      I think that a bit safer than the odm munging plan is to try "reducevg"

      Check your man page for some more information. It seems to me that it could be used with
      a pvid.

      Also, of vital importance: Make sure that you have a good bootlist, and also that you have
      performed bosboot after making any changes, and before attempting to reboot.

      Hope this helps,