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‏2009-04-10T10:02:47Z |
Very few people are answering questions in the XPath/XQuery forum.

I see that Jim Fuller tried to answer a recent post, and gave up in despair.

I've had the same experience myself.

There are two main difficulties:

(a) you require logging on, and you have special rules for security that make it necessary to invent a password rather than using your default password, and to enter it every time (the browser doesn't remember it). This basically means that occasional users are going to forget their password, and then not bother.

(b) the formatting rules for posts are difficult and non-standard. We're XML people here, if we have to use markup then make it XML markup please!

People asking questions are probably prepared to make the effort to get over these hurdles. People volunteering to answer don't have the same level of motivation - you need to make their task easier.

Michael Kay