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Pinned topic Possible to connect to a CVS repository as a Shared Resource?

‏2009-04-07T19:12:06Z |
I have a CVS repository which I am using to maintain all of my RFT testscripts in. Currently, I have a version of the project checked out that I created as a shared resource in RQM. This seems to work OK ... RQM is able to connect to this shared resource, and I can find my testscripts in here and import them. However, if I coommit a change in the code, or if anybody does, then this project directory has to be updated with the latest version to have these new changes reflected in the testscript.

Is it possible to have RQM connect to a code repository like CVS? I know that RQM can currently or is planned to possibly integrate with Clearquest code repository software in the future, but will it also support other code repository applications as well?