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‏2009-04-02T08:37:38Z |
Hi all,
When I was using the previous vce version it was possible to export the xml file as below format and we were using this format for reporting.
<compareResult> <propertyName>maxConnections</propertyName>
<object1Path>WebSphere Dmgr01:wascell:wasdmgrnode (3-4-09 4:59 PM)/wascell/was_cluster/Oracle JDBC Provider (XA)/ABC DataSource</object1Path>
<object2Path>WebSphere wascell:wasdmgrnode (3-5-09 12:39 PM)/wascell/was_cluster/Oracle JDBC Provider (XA)/ABC DataSource</object2Path>
<property1Path>ABC DataSource::connectionPool::maxConnections</property1Path>
<property2Path>ABC DataSource::connectionPool::maxConnections</property2Path>

With ISA 4.0.2 this format seems to be changed with the following one.

  • <property name="maxConnections">
  • <value path="ABC Data Source::connectionPool::maxConnections">
  • <value path="ABC Data Source::connectionPool::maxConnections">

Is it possible to change this format with the previous one in gui? Or should I install the prev version?
Can I use a cli command to compare two input .configuration files to get single xml result file as in first format? (I think vcecompare is getting single input file, please correct me if I am wrong)
Thanks and regards
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    Re: vce comparison


    This change in the xml format happened quite a while ago. It was changed to the newer format because a.) the old format did not adaquately represent all the available data, and b.) the export formats were different between the command line environment and the GUI. I apologize that you got caught by the change, but I do feel the new format is more appropriate, and will allow us to more easily expand it to accommodate new features in the future. I should also mention that there will be enhancements coming in this area that will allow exporting to formats other than XML. I hope to have this capability available soon. I don't recommend that you back-track to an older version.. you won't be able to take advantage of new function, you'll miss any bug fixes, and since our project is resource-constrained, we can only provide support for the latest version.

    The "vcecompare" command has been deprecated in favor of the Headless Automation Runtime. This new feature allows you to execute most VCE functions fromt eh command line using scripting. Much more flexible and powerful than the old function. You'll find a whole section about it in the help. Please check it out... I think you'll like it!