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Pinned topic REST API Post method in the portlet factory

‏2009-03-31T04:36:54Z |

I am using the RESTCall Builder to post the comments to the Quickr feed.
I got the following XML format that i need to send to the Quickr for posting a comment from the quickr team.

<c_Body>Nages testing</c_Body> -
<c_OriginatorDisplayName>Phani Kumar M</c_OriginatorDisplayName>
<h_Name>Comments by Phani Kumar M</h_Name>


c_Body - Comments description
c_EmailAddress - User's email id
c_Form - Should be "Comment"
c_HomePage - User's Home page url
c_OriginatorDisplayName - User's common name (Ex: Phani Kumar M)
c_ParentUnid - Should contain unique id of parent document.
h_Name - Should contain this text -"Comment by <Name>" (EX: "Comment by Phani Kumar M")
I am doing the following operations for calling the post method.
1)Assignment!Variables/postRESTCallRestInputs=${Variables/putOperationData} - setting the input data
2)DataServices/postRESTCall/execute - calling the service.
3)Assignment!Variables/putResult=${DataServices/postRESTCall/execute/results} - saving the result.

I am not getting any exception when i do these operations.
But my commects is not updated in the Quickr and when i am printing the "putResult" i am getting "]]".

Please help me in this to post the comments to my quickr feed.

Please find the attached screen shot and also the model for testing.
I am thinking that is there any error in the content type or else any parameter is missing from my end.

Suggest me on this.

Please find the