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Pinned topic Question about license for Telelogic Modeler Rhapsody‏

‏2009-03-26T07:43:10Z |

I have a question about license. Last week I registered and get the license file of modeler. I opened the license.dat, it indicates as below:

FEATURE Telelogic_Support telelogic 1.000 17-mar-2010 uncounted \
FEATURE RP_TMdlr telelogic 2010.0317 17-mar-2010 uncounted \

Could you pls let me know what the date "17-mar-2010" in the license data mean? Does it mean this license will expired after 17-mar-2010, then I have to re-request a license again? Will this tool be free forever?

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    Re: Question about license for Telelogic Modeler Rhapsody‏

    The latest version of free Rational Modeler based on the Rational Rhapsody product does not require a license file. Sometimes an error message about a license file is being seen. This could be because you are running the Corporate Edition of Modeler. This version is a purchase product and requires a license. Another cause for confusion is that someone may have installed the Rational Rhapsody Developer Trial. This is a full version of Rhapsody for a 30 day trial and it does require a license file.