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Pinned topic Linux RHEL 64 Bit installation on LPAR VIO 1.5 with ISO image

‏2009-03-25T14:44:59Z |

I am installing Linux RHEL 5.1 64 bit version with ISO image on LPAR VIO 1.5 server.
I have followed document to build Virtual CDROM.

After starting partition and selecting virtual CDROM drive as first boot, i am getting below errors.

BOOTP: chosen-network-type = ethernet,auto,none,auto
BOOTP: server IP =
BOOTP: requested filename =
BOOTP: client IP =
BOOTP: client HW addr = ba 4f 6c 21 b3 4
BOOTP: gateway IP =
BOOTP: device /vdevice/l-lan@30000004
BOOTP: loc-code U9133.55A.0679C0H-V4-C4-T1
BOOTP: BOOTP request fail: 0
BOOTP: BOOTP request fail: 1
BOOTP: BOOTP request fail: 2
BOOTP ERROR: BOOTP request failed, QUIT
!BA010004 !

Please let me know, if any other settings needs to be done Boot Linux DVD.