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Pinned topic Lx86 frontend for PPC env ?

‏2009-03-24T10:35:04Z |
Hi all,
I've got a question about the possibility to call, from a lx86 running program, a linuxppc native application. I would like to run Nomachine NXServer (the supported version is available for Linux i386 only) in the lx86 environment. The NXServer receive connection from the PCs and then provides a full desktop to the PC (like remote desktop). If the connection is handled by the NXServer running in the lx86 env, is it possible to have KDE + all the common applications running in the native Linux Power environment ?
So the NXServer will receive the connection, setup the Xserver all in the lx86, but all the applications running on top of the Xserver should run natively on the PPC Linux .

My concern is that all the application I need (KDE etc) are also available inside the lx86 env, how is possible to configure the lx86 in order to execute some application inside the lx86 env and some outside ? How about all the libraries that are needed by the lx86 env and from the native application that are the same ?

Thanks a lot , Andrea
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    Re: Lx86 frontend for PPC env ?

    HI Andrea,

    The Lx86 environment is for running Linux i386 applications only, there are currently no provision for calling a linuxppc native application from within lx86 environment (because you would have to install it in the Lx86 environment and it's not possible)

    Lx86 is like a machine within a machine and you can only communicate between the applications via socks or communication protocol.

    If you run NXServer on the lx86 environment, then when you make the connections from the PCs, you will see the Lx86 environment desktop (this is similar to vncserver). All applications running on top of the Xserver are applications that were installed on the Lx86 environment and will not see the PPC linux environment at all.

    Let me use vncserver as an example:

    • If you run vncserver under the ppc linux, it will start the server at a port number, say " :1 "
    • Now, if you get into lx86 session and run vncserver from there, it will NOT take :1, it will take the next available " :2 "

    From remote machines, if you connect vnc client using " :1 " , you will be presented with the kde desktop (or twm or wmw depending on how you set yp xstartup) of the PPC Linux, and all PPC applications configured under it's kde.
    If you connect to " :2 " , you will be presented with the kde desktop of the Lx86 install, which is i386 and will not see any of the PPC icons. You will see applications installed/configured under the lx86 kde only.

    Please note: Power/Linux applications should be run natively. Lx86 environment is for running x86/Linux applications on Power eliminating the need for native port. You should be able to run NXServer under Lx86 and all communications with native ppc linux applications to be handled via sockets.

    Let me know if what you see on the remote client confirms what I mentioned above. I might try NXServer out & see how things work

    For your reference, I attached the chart that shows the process flow under Lx86