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‏2009-03-23T14:26:59Z |

I post a few weeks ago about the integration of RQM and Clearcase, I solved most of the issues I have but am still having a problem getting round a "script not built" message. I have all my Functional Tester scripts under source control, different team members have their own clearcase views and develop test scripts in these. I can create a shared resource area for my cc view e.g. \\view\my_name I can import scripts and execute them (if I check build automatically in RFT).

However if I want to run a script my colleage has developed I always get the script not built. Basically I think it because RFT doesn't add to source control every single file which is needed to execute the script. Is this the case ? Does anyone know if there is there a workable solution or workaround.

Many thanks