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Pinned topic Lotus ActiveInsight 6.1.2 information center has been updated

‏2009-03-19T17:07:40Z |
The Lotus ActiveInsight 6.1.2 Information Center has been updated to include the following information:
  • The section Uninstalling on i5/OS was added to the topic Uninstalling the product (In the Table of Contents, go to Administrator's Guide > Administering the server > Uninstalling the product).
  • The topic Welcome to the Scorecard, includes information about alignments appearing in the Scorecard (In the Table of Contents, go to User's Guide > Working with the Scorecard > Welcome to the Scorecard).
  • The sample import files were fixed in the topics Formatting for template import file and Formatting for the data import file.

Note: The PDF in the information center was also updated to include the above updates.

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