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Pinned topic [Feature Request] Comments for Compare Results

‏2009-03-19T15:21:05Z |
I'd like to be able to add comments to diff-nodes (the ones that appear in red) of the compare-results view. This would appear in the view as a child-node (after the the path1 and path2 nodes). These comments would be exported by the Export Results button.

This would allow these comments to be easily included in reports that are generated from the export results. These reports are sent to management and infrastructure-control team-leads. The comments would indicate the significance of the differences and which values should prevail.

As a bonus, I'd also like the timestamps for the respective collections (not the date of the compare) to appear in the export. Presently this is a manual (and thus error-prone) process.
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    Re: [Feature Request] Comments for Compare Results

    Great suggestion Paul. Thanks!