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‏2009-03-19T14:56:45Z |
In my filter set, I have filters which act upon different parts of a property value. One filter might act on a node-name portion of the value. Another filter might act on the server-name portion of the value. At my present assignment, the node name also appears in the server name. I suspect that my node-name substitution filter is modifying both the node-name and the server-name. So when my server-name substitution filter runs, it receives the node-name substituted value from the first filter rather than the original server-name.

Here are the two values I want to be equivalent.

cell=DEV-B-Cell, node=DEV-B-Node1, server=server-b-node1 cell=UAT-A-Cell, node=UAT-A-Node1, server=server1-a-node1

I have the following two filters:

([Nn]ode[124]|[Nn]ode[124]) replace nodeX (server-b-node1|server1-a-node1)  replace server1-node1

I found this caused the second filter to fail because "node1" does not match "nodeX". By changing the second filter, I was able to have the second filter trigger.

This exercise raised the question of the order filters in a filter-set execute. The Custom Compare dialog displays the filters in alphabetical order of the description. In order to display and/or change the order of filter application, I suspect one would load the filter into the Compare Filter editor and expand the filter-set of interest.

If any changes are made to the filter set, the filter file must be saved and the custom compare re-executed using the filter-set.