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Pinned topic Using web service multiple operations

‏2009-03-19T11:23:25Z |
Was looking for some help regarding Web Service multiple operations builder.

Following are the steps i followed
1. i created a provider model .. with this builder (named it as say X).
the webservice has 2 operations getAccounts and getUsers

2. In another model i added it as service consumer (named it as say SC_X).

Now how do i assign parameters for the service call, execute the service call and get the response

From the second model i tried making the web service call using an action list (assigning values for input). On running the model i get the error saying inputs were not found.
Abhishek Jain
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    Re: Using web service multiple operations

    It sounds like you are doing things correctly.
    As you mentioned, you'll want to assign your values to the Data Service's input varible before calling the service. Then you can dispay the results using Data Page by referencing the Data Service results variable.

    If this doesn't help you to figure it out, then try posting your test models here.