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Pinned topic Linux for zSeries and Update of Portal problems

‏2009-03-18T14:12:38Z |
Basically just a heads up.

I installed Portal 6.1 on zLinux which went quite smoothly and then before actually continuing I wanted to get the latest fixpacks installed and that is where problems were encountered. The first problem was in the documentation:

  • On z/OS, use the

jar -xvf

command to unzip the The command is located in app_server_root/java/bin. Then run command chmod -R 755 *

  • On z/OS, the Portal Update Installer is not used to install fixpacks.

The above statements got me a bit confused (why would you unzip it when its not used!) and there is no mention of Linux so I assumed the first statement is actually for Linux. The next problem was running the updatePortal script. First problem is that the WAS_HOME environment variable is not set and is required to be set. The second problem is the ulimit. When doing aLinux install the suggested ulimit setting is 10240 yet the update scrip requires it to be set to 18192 which is not documented as the update script tries to do this itself. As I am not running under a root user then of course it is going to fail.