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Pinned topic bulkwalk fails on snmp call to HMC "image activation profile" settings

‏2009-03-16T16:27:36Z |
I've got a mainframe rexx version of the APIs that works pretty well gathering or setting data on the HMCs, but i'm stymied by the current problem. What I want to do is gather all the different possible settings for the "image activation profile" and table them up so we can compare what should be set on the HMC with what did get set for all images out there. This works great for most of the attributes (i.e. name, defined capacity, WLM-enabled, cstore/estore and the various dedicated/shared/reserved engines), but I can't seem to get it to pull the initial weights for general cps, zIIPs, zAAPs, ICFs or IFLs. Instead, I get:

EZZ3327I No valid PDUs returned on this bulkwalk request

I ran a trace against the call and it returned this the first time it tried the bulkwalk:

P1: SNMP(2422): startOid =
P1: SNMP(2423): lastOid =

That kinda indicates it couldn't find ANY "6.0.30's" on the HMC, yet if I do a straight "get" instead, specifying the cpc and image id numbers in the call, I can get back that image profile's initial weight. But I'd really like to cut down on the number of calls to the HMC this thing is doing so figured doing a bulkwalk against each attribute and then filtering that out by cpc/image id would be more effective. It would be even handier if I could do a call for each image profile that just got back all the attributes for that profile (like*.0.295940303.51453578), but unless I missed it in the communications server guide, that's not possible.

Any ideas of what's going wrong with the bulkwalk? Or any better suggestions on how to gather this info? Thanks!