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‏2009-03-15T12:46:47Z |
Hi Everyone,

I want to work on i mean do my master thesis on semantic web... I dont know on which problem or area should i work... I dont have enough time and need to submit my proposel soon...Can you suggest me something?

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    Re: Semantic web master thesis proposel

    Hi itzastyle.

    I don't have anything specific, but I can suggest a couple of areas which may be interesting and have some practical applications:

    There seems to be a lot of startups using Semantic Web technology in search (eg. Powerset, Kosmix or the academic project DeepPeep), it's not clear how successful they'll be long term but it seems like there's a lot of interest.

    The subject of authentication, identity and trust with regard to the Semantic Web concept of a 'web of data' also seems to attract a lot of attention, and with the arrival of OpenID and OAuth we have some open standards which may be of use for this.